I'd always been advised that keeping a blog was a very sensible thing for a freelancer to do, but due in most part to an over-developed sense of British reserve (no, I'm not even properly British) and an ongoing crisis of confidence in the worth of my opinions [are they the same thing? - Ed], I'd never bothered.

Also I'm a complete lazy-arse and thought it would be one of those things I'd start, then wander away from the responsibility of its upkeep - just like that poor, poor stick insect (well it's not like it was haranguing me for food - if Reid wanted to eat something, he might have reminded me he was there occasionally). Oh, and I'm something of a bullshit artist (the stick insect? That wasn't true; made it up. Shouldn't have done it. Sorry). I'm prone to changing my feelings on a subject and denying that change completely - I'm pretty sure writing stuff down is just self-incrimination. So yes, there's that. And some other stuff.

But here we are at the top of a freshly-minted 2014, ready to give this plucky, never before attempted idea a shot, like a cadet reporter in a screwball comedy. There will be reviews, there will be un-thought-through opinions hastily jotted down, there will be movie references crammed in left and right, there will be links to things and pieces written by others I like - long form twitter, basically (where at the moment you can find me as @samjuro). It might be a bit wobbly now and then; I certainly can't make any promises as regards to the quality of the writing at any point, but who knows? It might just be crazy enough to work.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay classy. Or frosty - it's up to you...