UPDATE 30/03/18: ALL GONE! Thanks for your interest, everybody.

They said it would never happen. Well, I said it wouldn’t happen. Actually I probably never said it would never happen, but anyway it’s now HAPPENING: I am parting with my collection of ex-rental (and some sell-through) VHS tapes, giving them away to anyone who wants to provide any of them a good home.

Before you get too excited, I’ll be totally honest and say I’m pretty sure there’s nothing overly rare amongst this list. This is really just to make sure there's not some completist fans out there looking to fill a gap in their collection, or fans of particular covers etc. The next stop for these, heartbreakingly, is landfill.

That said, these are all being stored out of any discernible order in cardboard boxes, and I frankly can’t be arsed digging into them and taking photos of a particular cover. If you want the title, you getting it for free, paying only postage (anywhere in the world is fine).

All tapes are PAL. Any title (at the end of the list) with an asterisk comes in an old blockbuster 'take home' cover – there is no sleeve artwork with these tapes.

I can’t make any promises as to the playability of some of these, but most are in reasonable nick – and let’s face it, it’s mostly about the covers.

If you want anything on this list, leave a comment and we'll take it from there. Payment for postage will be sorted through paypal (unless you can pick up for free from the Brisbane metro area).

May your tracking never need adjusting...


12 Monkeys

2001: A Space Odyssey

Aardman Animations Vol. 1

Adventures Of Barry McKenzie, The

Adventures Of Barry McKenzie, The (sell-through)


Age Of Innocence, The

Age Of Innocence, The


Alexei Sayle’s Stuff

Aliens (Special Edition)

Allied Bombers

American Gigolo

American Me

An Audience With Mel Brooks

An Awfully Big Adventure


Apostle, The


Barton Fink

Beavis & Butthead Do America

Beavis & Butthead: Too Dumb For TV

Bedrooms & Hallways

Ben Elton: A Fartie’s Guide To The Man From Auntie

Best Bits Of The Late Show Vol. 2

Best Of The Big Gig

Big Night

Big Steal, The

Biloxi Blues

Bob Roberts

Boys, The


Breaking Away

Breathless (1960, A Bout De Souffle)

Bringing Up Baby!

Broken Highway

Browning Version, The (1994)

Bull Durham

Carlito’s Way

Carry On Columbus

Catch 22

Chasing Amy

Children Of The Revolution

Chungking Express

Cinema Paradiso

Clean And Sober


Club, The

Commitments, The

Coogan’s Run The First Lap/The Final Hurdle



Crucible, The

Dame Edna: Back With A Vengeance

Dangerous Liaisons

Day Of The Jackal, The

Day The Earth Stood Still (195

Days Of Thunder

Dazed And Confused

Dead Again

Dead Man

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

Dead Presidents

Dead, The


Deep Cover

Dirty Harry

Don’t Look Now

Doom Generation, The

Dr. Who: More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS

Dr. Who: Shada

Dracula (1992)

Drowning By Numbers

Ed Wood

Edge Of Darkness Pt 2

Eight Men Out

Elephant Man, The

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Fear Of A Black Hat


Female Perversions

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Filthy, Rich & Catflap Vol.1 & 2

Fish Called Wanda, A

Fisher King, The

Five Easy Pieces

Flesh And Bone

Four Rooms


French & Saunders Series 3 Pt. 2

Funny Bones

Funny Bones

Funny: The Comic Strip Presents


Get Shorty

Getaway, The (1994)

Girl 6


Grapes Of Wrath, The

Great Outdoors, The

Green Keeping

Grifters, The

Grosse Pointe Blank

Groundhog Day


Hand-picked by Billy

Happy Gilmore

Harry Enfield’s Television Programme: Series 2 Pt. 2

Hear My Song

Henry & June

Henry & June

Henry V (1989)

Henry V (1989)

High Noon

High Noon

Higher Learning

Hoop Dreams

Hudsucker Proxy, The

Human Animal, The

I Was Monty’s Double


Idiot Box

In The Soup

Independence Day

Interview, The

Italian Job, The (1969)

Jackie Brown

January Man, The

Jennifer 8

Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959)

Jungle Fever

Jurassic Park


Kids In The Hall, Vol. 2

Killer (LaPaglia)

Killing Dad

King Of New York, The


Kiss Me Deadly (NTSC)

Last Exit To Brooklyn

Last Man Standing

Last Of The Mohicans, The

Leading Man, The

League Of Gentlemen, The: Series 1

Leaving Las Vegas

Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp, The

Life Is Cheap, But Toilet Paper Is Expensive

Little Caesar

Living In Oblivion

Lost In Yonkers

Love Serenade

Mad Dog And Glory

Man Bites Dog

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Meaning Of Life, The

Mighty Aphrodite

Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack

Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Tape #2)

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Tape #3)

Mountains Of The Moon

Mr. Saturday Night

Much Ado About Nothing

Mute Witness

My Blue Heaven


Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Naked Gun, The

New York Stories

Omega Man, The

Once Upon A Time In The West

One False Move

Out Of Sight

Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid


Perfect World, A

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Poor Cow

Prayer For The Dying, A

Professional, The


Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction (Collector Edition)

Quick And The Dead, The

Rambling Rose

Razor’s Edge, The

Red Dragon: The Curse Of Hannibal Lecter

Reluctant Hitman, The (Cold Blooded)

Reservoir Dogs

Revenge Of The Nerds III: The Next Generation

Richard III (Loncraine)

Rio Bravo

Robin Williams Live

Robocop 2

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The

Rowan Atkinson Live


Saturday Night Fever (PG cut)

Say Anything


Scent Of A Woman

Schindler’s List

School Daze

Searchers, The

Secret Policeman’s Third Ball, The

Secret Policeman’s Third Ball, The



Shakes The Clown

Shawshank Redemption, The


Silence Of The Lambs (no cover)

Six Degrees Of Separation

Smith & Jones

SNL: The Best Of John Belushi

SNL: The Best Of Steve Martin

So, I Married An Axe Murdferer


Spanish Prisoner, The

Spike Milligan: One Man And His Ideas


Stand And Deliver

Steve Coogan Live ‘n’ Lewd

Steve Martin Live (Wild & Crazy Guy)

Straw Dogs (Peckinpah)

Sum Of Us, The


Swimming With Sharks

Tall Guy, The

Terms Of Endearment

John Belushi, The Best Of (WB release)

Q, The Best Of

Castle, The

Comic Strip Presents, The: The Bullshitters / The Yob

Comic Strip Presents, The: Bad News / More Bad News

Day Today, The: Vol 1 & 2

Ice Storm, The

Thin Blue Line, The (1988)

Usual Suspects, The

The Van / The Money (set)

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

This Is Spinal Tap

Three Colours: White

Time Bandits

Treasure Of The Sierra Madre

Truth About Cats And Dogs, The

Twin Peaks: Episodes 27-29

Twin Town


Under Siege

Underneath, The

Unknown Marx Brothers, The

Very Brady Sequel, A

Violent Cop

War Of The Worlds, The (1953)

We’re No Angels

West Side Story

White Heat

Whoops! Apocalypse

Wild At Heart

Wild Bunch, The

Wim Wenders: Wings Of Desire / Faraway, So Close!

Wind In The Willows: Masquerade

Wind In The Willows: Spring Follies

Wind In The Willows: Winter Tales

Wind In The Willows: Winter Tales

Witches Of Eastwick, The

Withnail And I

Yellow Earth

Young Americans, The

Zed And Two Noughts, A

Zulu (photocopied cover)

The following have only blockbuster 'take home' covers:

*Before Sunrise

*Brady Bunch, The

*Coming Home

*Flirting With Disaster

*Hard Target


*Little Big Man

*Lorenzo’s Oil

*MacBeth (1979, Ian McKellan)

*My Left Foot

*Naked Gun 2 ½, The

*Naked Lunch, The


*Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

*Saturday Night Fever (PG cut)

*Scent Of A Woman

*Secrets And Lies

*Short Cuts


*Third Man, The